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Smart Packaging, LLC
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Smart Packaging, LLC

Smart Packaging, LLC was founded in 2000 to represent US and European manufacturers and service providers to the US and Canadian pharmaceutical, healthcare, liquid herbal and packaging distributor markets.


Sales and marketing experience includes:

·        Glass and plastic dropper assemblies

·        Vaginal, tablet and suppository applicators

·        Glass tubing vials

·        Molded glass vials

·      Extrusion, injection, stretch  blow and multilayer plastic bottles

·         Pharmaceutical pressure sensitive labels

·         Customer injection plastic molding

·         Packaging security and anti-counterfeit  technologies

Currently Representing:

·         SRC Medical, Inc: Hanover, MA - Manufacturer of glass and plastic dropper assemblies, injection molded cream, tablet, suppository applicators and custom injection molded components.

·         Covectra: Westborough, MA - A provider of anti-counterfeiting, diversion control and serialized track & trace technologies at all levels of packaging from the point of manufacturing through to the consumer.

·          Richland Glass Company: Vineland, NJ – Manufacturer of pharmaceutical glass tubing vials. 


 Smart Packaging, LLC success has been due to many years of experience and developing close relationships with both customers and companies that are represented. If you have packaging or service requirements from the companies represented or would like to review your sales and marketing requirements please contact us.

Richard A. Rosin


Richard A. Rosin – President. 30 + years of experience in sales, marketing and project management. Prior to establishing Smart Packaging, LLC in 2000 product knowledge was acquired as a sales manager for major producers of molded glass vials, tubing glass vials, injection and  extraction blow molded plastic bottles, injection molded plastic closures, custom injection molding, plastic tubes, pharmaceutical labels, security technologies, serialization and tack and trace.